Department of Human Resources and Administrative/Organizational Work under



on Department of Human Resources and Administrative/Organizational Work under the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic


  1. General Provisions

1.1. The Department of human resources and administrative/organizational work of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic (hereinafter referred to as “the DHR&OW”) is a structural unit under the Central Office of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic (hereinafter referred to as “the Ministry”).

1.2. In its activities, the DHR&OW shall be guided by regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic, Orders of the Ministry of Health, as well as the Regulations on the Ministry of Health and these Regulations.

1.3. The DHR&OW shall carry out its activities in collaboration with the structural units of the Central Office, subordinate structures of the Ministry.


  1. Main Objectives


2.1. The main objectives of the DHRM&OW shall be:

- implementation of the unified policy in the field of human resources management of healthcare system, medical education and science;

- organization of case management/workflow and oversight over execution in the Ministry.

III. Functions

3.1. The DHR&OW in accordance with assigned objectives shall perform the following functions:

          - participation in drafting regulatory legal acts, orders, decisions and other documents;

         - development and implementation of national, state and targeted programs in the field of personnel policy, medical education and science, participation in monitoring and evaluation of their implementation;

         - monitor of medical personnel movement/flow in healthcare organizations;

        - carrying out measures to form the reserve of lead personnel and civil servants according to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic;

        - processing/paperwork preparation for  recruitment, transition, dismissal of managers of healthcare organizations and employees of the central apparatus of the Ministry;

        - processing/paperwork preparation for  employment contracts with managers of healthcare organizations;

        - carrying out the work on state civil service (holding competitions and career advancement/promotion, internal reserve of personnel, rotation of civil servants, assessment of civil servants and Ministry structural divisions’ performance, development of qualification requirements for each administrative position provided for by their staffing norms, based on Model qualification requirements , formal scope of work of civil servants, training of civil servants, work on calculating the public service experience, for payment of bonuses for the years of service to the salaries of civil servants, etc.).

       - keeping records of personnel of the central apparatus of the Ministry, managers of healthcare organizations and medical educational organizations;

       - ensuring filling and storage of work-record books, service passports, personal/case records management, keeping the relevant documentation for personnel, issuing certificates on the current and previous work;

       - building the database of employees of the central apparatus of the Ministry for the HMIS program;

      - preparation of documents for awarding sector workers of the Ministry with state and departmental awards;

      - preparation and timely submission the established statistical reporting to higher level organizations and local statistical bodies on personnel issues;

      - carrying out the work on implementation of the program for additional motivation (incentive) of doctors working in healthcare organizations in remote areas, small towns and rural areas;

     - drawing up schedules and paper work for annual leaves;

     - paper work in drafting the orders on business trips;

     - annual approval the enrolment plans, agreement on the rules for enrollment to educational medical organizations;

     -coordination of the issues of under-and- postgraduate medical, pharmaceutical education and medical science, regardless of ownership and departmental affiliation;

     - making suggestions for development of unified state educational standards, curricula and syllabus in medical educational organizations;

     - coordination of the conduct of research works in health care area;

     - organization of work to monitor implementation of directive documents and instructions of the President, Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament), Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and  Decisions of the Ministry;

     - development of the Work Plan of the HRM&OW, materials for the Collegium on the issues under the scope of work;

     - organization of the unified system of paperwork in the structural divisions of the Ministry;

     - organizational of operational, apparatus meetings and oversight of the execution of the Management instructions;

     - reception, records-keeping, referral of incoming correspondence to the structural divisions and units of the Ministry;

    - registration and sending of outgoing documents;

    - organization of the work with correspondence/letters and on the reception of citizens, oversight of the execution of the Management instructions regarding the appeals and messages of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic;

    - in agreement with local state administrations and local governments  - coordination and control of staffing of healthcare organizations and medical educational organizations, regardless of ownership or departmental affiliation;

     - interaction and provision of advisory and methodological support to ministries, administrative departments and other state executive bodies, as well as local state administrations and local governments on personnel policy, medical education and science.

  1. Entitlements

4.1. The DHR&OW shall be entitled to:

    - receive documents, information, certificates and other information, necessary for the work of the HRM&OW from the officials of the Ministry and subordinate organizations;

- carry out the work, aimed at ensuring compliance with the law in the activities of the Ministry;                     

- submit proposals to the Management on elimination of violations of the Kyrgyz Republic legislation, compensation for damage, prosecution of managers of departments and other employees who do not ensure compliance or violate the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and the regulations of the Ministry;                     

- engage, in agreement with the Ministry management, employees of other departments of the Ministry for drafting normative legal acts and other documents, including departmental ones;                     

-  upon the assignment of the Ministry of Health – carry out inspection of the status of activities, performance discipline in subordinate healthcare organizations, medical educational and scientific organizations of the Ministry;                     

- exercise other powers, in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry and these Regulations.                     

  1. Organization of the DHR&OW work

5.1. The DHR&OW shall directly report to the Secretary of State of the Ministry, and shall have the following its composition:

- HR Unit;

- Unit of medical education and science;

- Unit of case management and organizational work.

5.2. Employees of the DHR&OW shall be appointed through competition, by the Order of the Minister.

5.3. The functional responsibilities of the DHR&OW employees shall be approved by the Minister in agreement with the Secretary of State.