Physicians of Issyk-Kul region are provided with meals and accommodation

The Issyk-Kul regional COVID-19 response operational Stab reported that doctors who were on duty in the "red" zone are provided with food and accommodation.
Besides, meals are provided for all doctors working with infected COVID-19 patients. According to Dr Mirbek Sagynbayev, Health Care Focal Point for Issyk-Kul region, meals are often provided by the caring citizens on their own initiative, and meals are also organized by the Ministry of Emergencies. The local authorities provide health workers with accommodation.

“There are a lot of people who want to provide their hotels for doctors of mobile teams and the ones form the “red” zone. It is extremely unethical to say that doctors are not paid attention on the basis of an anonymous source. 

Day-stay hospitals are organized in 151 buildings in the region, with the capacity of 1731 beds. In addition, 1117 beds were organized in 15 healthcare buildings.