Algorithms for passing the state border of the Kyrgyz Republic by air and land transport

For the purpose of taking prompt measures to prevent importation and spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and to implement temporary sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations, new algorithms were approved for people regardless of citizenship, passing the KR State border, including for tourism purposes. 

The algorithms were developed for the following categories of people: 

Passengers of international and domestic flights:

- At all stages of pre-flight procedures and before landing, passengers must observe the mask regime and distance; 

-  Taking temperature of passengers on board the aircraft / in the arrival halls of air terminal complexes; 

- In case of suspected Coronavirus infection, the person and the passengers of the nearby 6-8 seats are subject to observation / isolation for further medical follow-up/observation. 

- If it is necessary to determine the circle of contact persons, the Manas International Airport OJSC shall hand over the lists of passengers to the staff of the sanitary-quarantine points. 

- Passengers without clinical manifestations shall be admitted for further travel according to the route. 


For foreign citizens / stateless persons - foreign specialists arriving to the KR territory for labor activity/work: 

- The relevant government agencies shall provide permits to the KR MOH to notify the KR State Border Service (Order of the GoKR No. 84-p dated 17.03.2020, as amended on 9.06.2020 No. 210-p). 

- Temperature will be measured upon crossing the state border; 

- If clinical manifestations are detected - sampling for PCR test, hospitalization; 

- Persons without clinical manifestations should be picked up by the inviting party to the places prepared in advance before receiving the PCR test result; 

- In case of negative PCR test, the person/s shall be permitted to work.

 - According to the GoKR Order No. 210-p dated 09.06.2020 in relation to foreign citizens/stateless persons (specialists), all costs related to observation, PCR test and transportation shall be covered by the inviting party. 

Persons arriving in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic by road:

 - Strict observance of the mask regime; 

- Temperature measurement of the passengers; 

- In case of clinical manifestations of Coronavirus, sampling shall be carried out for PCR test, with further hospitalization. 

- Contacts shall be installed the "Stop COVID-19 KG" mobile application into their phones and shall be referred further following the route.