Information about upcoming preventive Flu vaccinations in the republic

To strengthen preventive measures, to prevent complications and mortality from influenza among the population of the republic, the KR MOH purchases preventive influenza vaccines for the upcoming epidemic season 2020-2021. 

Vaccination will begin at the end of September and will continue until the end of November.
Influenza vaccine will be distributed in all regions (districts, cities of the republic), vaccination will be organized in all Family Medicine Centers (FGP, FAPs) primarily for risk group people: persons with chronic diseases (cardiovascular, respiratory system, diabetes mellitus, etc.), pregnant women, children with frequent illnesses, children in orphanages, people in nursing homes, children of boarding schools, medical professionals and persons over 65 years of age.

Preventive vaccination is intended for everyone, but the purchased vaccine may not cover everyone, and therefore, measures are being taken to strengthen the organization of preventive vaccination in private medical centers on a paid basis.
In this regard, licensed private medical centers are allowed to vaccinate against influenza on a paid basis at the cost of about 600-650 Soms.