Information on the deployed beds

As preparation for the autumn -winter period 2020-2021, as well as due to the complicated COVID epidemiological situation in the republic, the KR MOH will be deploy beds in health care institutions in two stages.

In accordance with the MOH Order:

  • 4,794 beds will be deployed at the first stage, including 590 intensive care beds, mainly beds for infectious diseases wards and hospitals.
  • At the second stage, 3369 COVID-19 beds will be deployed at therapeutic departments and hospitals, including 634 intensive care beds. 

To date, 2739 beds have been deployed, including 282 beds in intensive care units (ICU). 


Information on beds in the context of regions:

- In Bishkek it is planned to deploy 2477 beds, including 164 ICU beds;

  • In the Chui region - 745 beds, including 164 ICU beds;
  • Osh region and Osh city - 1672 beds (including 260 ICU beds);
  • Batken region - 635 beds (including 98 ICU beds);
  • Naryn region - 437 beds (including 50 ICU beds);
  • Issyk-Kul region - 596 beds (including 92 ICU beds);
  • Jalal- Abad region - 1206 beds (including 180 ICU beds);

Talas region - 395 beds (including 96 ICU beds).