Re-infection cases in Kyrgyzstan - it is possible that these are viruses that can be isolated for up to 90 days

“7 COVID-19 reinfection cases were registered in Bishkek City, so we can talk about re-isolation of the virus, which can be isolated for up to 90 days. These manifestations are possible in the presence of antibodies that are secreted in the body. Also, it is possible that these are the consequences of insufficient rehabilitation, which should be subject to a clear laboratory investigation”, said Deputy Minister of Health N. Usenbaev.

“According to WHO experts, one of the reasons for the new Coronavirus wave is non-compliance with sanitary requirements, mask regime and social distance. Also, from 10 to 20% of infected persons are the source of infection for the remaining 80% of people. Therefore, observance of the mask regime, social distance and other sanitary measures is mandatory for both sick and healthy people. The mask must be worn indoors and outdoors”, says Deputy Minister of Health Nurbolot Usenbaev.