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Modern building of the infectious diseases department is under construction in Kara-Buura district

Due to the lack of a modern infectious diseases department in the Kara-Buura Territorial Hospital of Talas region, a new infectious diseases department is being built on the site of the old abandoned building. Currently, the construction of the department is 90% complete  with the support of the “Kara-Buur Youth Organization” and sponsors/ Currently, construction work has been completed, interior decoration and installation of the necessary equipment remained. The “Altyn Alliance” provided necessary furniture in the amount of 1 million soms. With the assistance of the Institute for Youth Development, an oxygen station was installed in the amount of about 200 thousand soms. In addition, a sufficient number of oxygen concentrators, medicines and personal protective equipment have been supplied. But similarly to all regions, there is a problem of staff shortage at this hospital.