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Border Arrangements to Prevent the Spread of Coronovirus

Today, on January 25, the Minister of Health of KR Kosmosbek Cholponbayev inspected the Sanitary-and-Quarantine point at the Manas airport. The specialists of the SQP at the Manas airport use thermal imagers to conduct a thorough inspection of the arriving passengers for the presence of infection, and interview them about their health status.

The Minister instructed to carefully conduct sanitary control, be in touch with the Headquarters for prompt response in the MOH. “Our common task is not to let the infection into Kyrgyzstan, we must be particularly vigilant” said Kosmosbek Cholponbayev.

It should be noted that thermometry has been carried out at all the state border checkpoints since the beginning of this January, and no persons with signs of infectious diseases have yet been detected.

On the borders of Kyrgyzstan with China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, there are 11 sanitary and quarantine points (SQP), whose employees conduct round-the-clock monitoring and thermometry using a thermal imager.

In addition, the creation of the SQP at the internal borders (Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan) is being decided, since the SQP at the internal borders were disbanded with the entry in the EAEC. Starting next week, temporary sanitary and quarantine posts will be opened at the checkpoints Akzhol, Dunlarov bridge, Aktilek, and Chaldovar.