Prevention measures for the period of lifting some restrictive measures under the state of emergency

To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection during the period of restoration of works after the lifting of restrictive measures during the SE, the KR MOH recommends adhering to safety and prevention measures. 

Managers of institutions have to create safe environment for employees and visitors to their organizations:

  1. Develop the schedule for transportation of personnel in small groups under the condition of keeping the distance and mandatory disinfection of vehicles (handrails, door handles);
  2. Conduct education of the staff about precautions when entering the office (social distance, non-contact thermometry, antiseptic treatment of hands);
  3. Disinfection of the working areas, work places (periodically clean furniture, office equipment for general use, daily cleaning, frequent ventilation);
  4. Make observance of personal hygiene measures mandatory (mask regimen, frequent washing or treatment of hands with alcohol-based tissues or disinfectant, maintaining social distance, respiratory etiquette, greeting and goodbye without shaking hands and hugs).
  5. Prohibit the employee to come to the office to work if he has ARI symptoms (cough, fever, etc.).