Eight more victims transferred to Bishkek city

Last night, an additional 8 patients were transferred to Bishkek city. Currently, 56 people continue receiving treatment in Bishkek. Thirty-five (35) patients are being treated in Bishkek Research Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics, 12 – in the National Hospital, 9 – in the NCS.

Additionally, 7 people are receiving care in Batken Oblast Merged Hospital, 16 – in Kadamjay Area Hospital, 2 – in Samarkandek GPC, 7 – in Leylek GPC.

The remaining victims were referred to outpatient care and discharged after receiving medical assistance.

The affected people have various injuries, but mainly gun and shrapnel wounds.

Among the patients transferred to Bishkek city, 1 person is in critical condition, while 6 people are in moderately severe or satisfactory condition. Emergency patients will undergo surgeries, and next week it is planned to perform additional operations to remove foreign objects.

At the moment, there are sufficient supplies of medicines and medical items, blood and its components in all engaged inpatient facilities of Bishkek city and Batken province.