The Ministry of Health holds the 2019 Summary Collegium


Today, on February 14, 2020 the Ministry of Health held the Collegium to summarize the results of health care organizations’ activities for 2019 and define plans and objectives for 2020. The Collegium was held with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Altynay Omurbekova.

The report on the work, conducted by the KR MOH for the last year, was done by the Deputy Minister Madamin Karataev.

The KR Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic carried out its activities in accordance with the overall 2019 Action Plan of the KR Government on implementation of the GoKR Program “Unity. Trust. Creation for 2018–2040”, Action plan for 2019–2023 as the first 5-year stage of implementation of the GoKR Program for Health Protection and Development of Health System for 2019–2030 “ Healthy Man - Prosperous Country ”.